About Us

Efforts to increase access to the latest telecommunications technology have been a key to the Gorge's economic stability and prosperity for many years. Since their inception, these efforts have benefited from a collaborative approach to addressing community and business telecommunication needs.

The Goal

The Gorge Broadband Consortium seeks to ensure that residents and businesses have the broadband access, and skills, to take advantage of the resources, services, and markets available on the internet today.

Current Projects

To accomplish these goals, the Gorge Broadband Consortium is:

History of Collaboration in the Gorge

The Columbia Gorge Broadband Consortium builds upon efforts made over many years in the Gorge. These include the Gorge Teleconsortium, the Klickitat-Skamania Horizons Telecommunications Committee, the Klickitat-Skamania Local Technology Planning Team and the QLife-Wasco County Strategic Planning efforts that focused on ensuring telecommunication advancements were accessible in our region.

Each of these projects increased awareness of and access to telecommunication advancements during their period of activity. Today's focus remains on increasing broadband connection and adoption to support the Mid-Columbia region's communities and economic development

In addition to these efforts, broadband access has been identified as key to the region's economy in the Mid-Columbia Economic Development District's Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy and the North Central Regional Solution's Team's priorities


Throughout the Gorge the work of local partners has increased the know-how and access to broadband in our communities. Major accomplishments include:

Get Involved

Interested in participating? Keep an eye out for our next meeting, training or forum! Or get in touch with Carrie at carrie@mcedd.org or 541-296-2266 with questions.