Current Projects

The Gorge Broadband Consortium seeks to ensure that residents and businesses have broadband access, and the skills to take advantage of the resources, services, and markets available on the internet today. Several projects are underway to reach these goals.

Sherman Cities Fiber Project

The Cities of Sherman County started coming together with support from MCEDD in 2017 to explore opportunities to collaborate around improving broadband access in each of their communities. In spring of 2018, they issued a request for proposals seeking strategies for developing high speed, scalable broadband acesss. In June they chose to move forward with a proposal from Gorge Networks, Inc to build a fiber-to-the-premises network in each of the Cities and Biggs Junction. The network is currently under construction and service is being turned up in fall of 2018 in Moro and Grass Valley, while Wasco, Rufus, and Biggs will have service in the spring.

Klickitat-Skamania Broadband Access Gaps

Partners continue working to address gaps in broadband access in Klickitat and Skamania Counties. The City of Stevenson is in the process of developing a Broadband Action Plan to serve as a foundation for stratgies to improve access and utilization of broadband technology. They hosted their first Advisory Committee Meeting in September. The City of Goldendale has succesfully applied for a CERB grant that will support development of a broadband plan as well.

Maupin Fiber Project

Q-Life began to explore the feasibility of creating an open access network that reached into the City of Maupin with support from MCEDD and other local partners in 2014. In 2015 Q-Life received a grant from the Regional Infrastructure Fund through the Regional Solutions program to bring an open access fiber backbone into the City of Maupin.  At that time, LS Networks came to the table to explore a partnership to expand the project.  With investment from LS Networks into reaching Maupin with additional capacity and a commitment to utilize the network that came out of this partnership, the public partnerswere able to turn their focus toward creating an open access network to bring connectivity to homes and businesses throughout the City.  The City has provided project leadership in the community, donated space for a POP, and been instrumental in addressing project challenges as they arose. The City also approached the Oregon State Legislature and was awardedadditional funds to complete the project in the 2018 session. Q-Life continues to provide investment into the development of the system as well as managing the construction of the network and will operate the network once completed. As a result of this public-private partnership, residents and businesses within the City of Maupin will all have fiber to the premises broadband access this fall.

Gorge Broadband Consortium Bi-Annual Meetings

Approximately twice a year the Gorge Broadband Consortium gathers to discuss updates in service, broadband access challenges, and opportunities for coordination and support. For additional information or to be adde to the mailing list, please contact Carrie.

Gorge Broadband Consortium Website

As a result of the Local Technology Planning Team Grant Program through the Washington State Broadband Office utilizng American Recovery Act funds, we have been able to develop this website. The site is intended to provide information about broadband access, training opportunities, awareness, and resources for communities seeking to support more broadband access and adoption in their areas. Thank you WSBO for support of the project!

Interested in participating in any of these projects?

Keep an eye out for our next meeting, training or forum! Or get in touch with Carrie at or 541-296-2266 with questions.