Making the Case for Broadband

Broadband can be used to access a whole range of service, opportunities, and information. It's all about how you use it to connect to the world from your computer! Just a few highlights are listed below.


High speed internet access has transformed the way businesses operate today. It is a significant factor in improving efficiency and competitiveness. Broadband allows access to new markets and customers throughout the world for place based businesses. Having this direct line to customers, vendors, and markets decreases each transaction cost which can impact small businesses significantly. Additionally, it allows businesses to locate wherever their employees wish to live, rural, urban or in between!


More and more, teachers are asking students to access assignments online, take tests on computers, and do research online. Digital literacy, and the internet access that helps support developing fluency in technology, are key to preparing our students for future careers. This access also allows rural students to access curriculum and classes through distance learning, which means that our students have access to more opportunity.


Increasing access to doctors, specialists, and community health workers while decreasing the costs of medical care are all results of implementing telemedicine opportunities in rural our communities.

In addition to these benefits for the health care system, it also allows residents to skip the sometimes long and costly trips to visit the doctor at the office by using telemedicine. Additionally, utilization of electronic health records will allow patient information to follow the patient more easily from provider to provider via broadband, which increases the knowledge both the patient and healthcare staff have about health histories.


Online job posting and applications are becoming the rule rather than the exception. Even if the job isn't posted online, applications may have to be submitted via the internet. Having access to reliable internet can mean the difference between getting the job you wanted or not. In addition, being comfortable using computers and internet tools are key skills in today's job market.

Public Safety

Improved access to broadband can positively impact provision of public safety. It can allow for more reliable and broader public notification in the event of an emergency alert. It also provides first responders with additional information via knowledge of what's happening in the field remotely or access to reference resources or experts usually available at their desks.

Accessing Services

Every day more government and business services are available via the internet. You can file your taxes, renew your insurance, make phone calls, stay in touch with friends and family and much more all via the internet; if your speed is fast enough. With a world of services at your fingertips, you can save time and money by taking advantage online services.


Watching movies, television shows and the news, keeping up with the music you enjoy, or reading the newspaper or a book are all things we do to relax.

Broadband connections give you almost endless access to these things from your home, a coffee shop, or the library!

Staying Connected

Email, online chatting, video calls, and social media are just a few of the ways that you can stay connected to those that matter to you with broadband.